PEACHY LINK -  DIY Necklace Kit
PEACHY LINK -  DIY Necklace Kit
PEACHY LINK -  DIY Necklace Kit
Kiki Sprinkles

PEACHY LINK - DIY Necklace Kit

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The ultimate DIY necklace kit.
This stunning acrylic link charm necklace allows you to create your own statement accessory the way you want.
Each kit comes with 40 seperate acrylic links, which can be gently opened and attached to one another, to create your own necklace.
8 x Peachy Pink links
8 x Frosted Pink links
8 x Pastel Peach links
x 8 White links
5 x Chunky silver and gold links
3 x Fine gold Glitter links
Acrylic linking charms are designs to open no more than approx 5mm to allow the next to slide on and connect.
Finished necklace length approx 65cm.
(allowing for spare links)
They may snap under too much pressure. Please discard any broken links to avoid sharp edges.
Kit is packaged in a card cylinder, pink, white or lemon.
(Pink cylinder shown in image)


Total finished necklace length approx 65cm 

Link size = approx 3.5cm x 2cm 

3mm wide 

NOTE: Not recommended for under 3 years of age.

Ages 5 and up recommended. 


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