LADYBIRD - Cake Topper Set
LADYBIRD - Cake Topper Set
LADYBIRD - Cake Topper Set
Kiki Sprinkles

LADYBIRD - Cake Topper Set

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These sweet little ladybirds will certainly brighten your cakes and your day! 

Each lady bird is 4 layers of our premium acrylic which are hand crafted to give the ultimate appearance of a 3D ladybird. 

Each lady bird is attached to a clear acrylic backing so they appear to be flying around your cake. 

Set consists of x3 ladybird cake toppers.



Topper lengths (including stake) approx 14.5cm
Topper width approx 3.5cm 
Each and every cake topper are hand made, small variances all add to their magical charm and make each one your very own.  
Cake toppers are to be wiped clean with a damp cloth only. Do not submerge in water. 
YAY! Being made from a light weight acrylic, your cake toppers can be used again and again! The perfect addition to your party collection. 
NOTE: Not recommended for under 3 years of age